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Staying out of the shrubs

Posted on 14 May, 2014 at 1:00

Staying on track is a challenge you will have to face, overcome and master if you are planning to design your own life.  If you are not used to being in charge of your day and are more prone to being told what to do next, this will be one of your biggest adventures.

Wanting to work for yourself you may have visions of sleeping late, having coffee with friends and lazy lunches by the beach. These are all fabulous ways to spend your time and something you are able to do 20% of the time but if you really want to get off the ground and running with your business - you are really going to have to spend 80% of your time being disciplined.


Discipline is your ally, with discipline you are able to accomplish so much more and alleviate so many distractions.  For the beginners amongst you,  simply planning your day is the best way to start. 

This is achieved by

Buying yourself a diary (it doesn't matter if you do not have one single client as yet)

Block out in your diary what you do in your normal week. Examples - take kidlets to swimming lessons, driving lesson for teenager, hair cut.  You get the idea

Block out time for household chores, be disciplined.  Get it all done by a certain time

Dress for work, don't lay around all day in your tracky dacks... It is all about feeling good, someone who greets you at the door and they have not managed to brush their hair yet .. does not really emit a sense of accomplishment.

Make appointments with your clients even if you only have one.  "I have a two o'clock appointment free next Tuesday".. Act as if...  This will keep you organised and committed to your business.

Book in exercise, EEK!  yes exercise, this is going to keep you happy... exercise  creates endorphins.. the natural high... this can only be beneficial

Schedule time to check emails and social media. This one is a huge distraction so keep it focused and get off... 

Once you have your weekly plan stick to it. 

If you find yourself procrastinating and going off track start with one discipline per week and work your way up until you have mastered your list and you are staying on the path to your future self. 

Below is a simple plan to show you it is possible for anyone  to find hours in a busy week to

accomplish your dreams


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