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Posted on 26 April, 2014 at 20:00

Life is sending you signals  constantly.

Are you aware of what is being sent your way?  

If you are constantly having challenges day in and day out - there is a big problem with your vibration.  Like attracts like as they say. I have aquaintances that are cranky little ants when they drive around in their car and you know what happens ?  They bump into all the other cranky little ants out on the road, they get the traffic jams, the breakdowns and all the other negative experiences related to the road.  Why?  Because that is what they are sending out so that is what they recieve back, it's really that simple.

Take a  look at the adversity that is making it's self known to you and figure out what the lesson is to be learnt.  If you do not learn the lesson, the same challenges will keep popping up in your life until you do. 

So is adversity a good thing or just simply annoying?  In my eyes it is a good thing, it is here to teach - so how can it be a bad thing.  If you are being taught you are growing and if you are growing you can only become a better version of yourself. So I say welcome adversity with open arms and embrace it.  Obviously if you are being bombarded by adversity you may need to go back to our old friend meditation and re group for a moment just to get a little balance back in your life. 

How do you change your situation?  How do you grow to the next level?  This is where you have to be brutally honest with yourself, you are the only one who truly knows the real you.  Society gets the polished version, but you, you get the raw and real version.  What is it that you are fighting and creating resistance against.  Are you unhappy in a relationship, your job is it not gelling with the real you.  For instance if you are an animal lover (as am I) and you are working at the abattoir.  This is a mis match, it goes against your core beliefs and you will be out of wack. Are you working indoors stuck behind a computer and in an air-conditioned environment, when all you want to do is plant another Eden in your community. Again a mis match, you are also out of wack.


Realigning yourself will temper the adversity that is being sent your way and will create a more peaceful and abundant existence.

So take your adversity - whether it be your current situation, something that has happened in your past that you are dragging  around with you like an old chum,or it could even been your body rebelling against you.  Whatever your adversity is dissect it, get it to bare it's soul to you and then focus on the solution not the adversity.  Answers will come to you once you realign your focus, you will be unable to alleviate any issue if you are constantly focusing on the challenge / adversity and not the solution. 

Be thankful for the adversity and the lessons and knowledge it has given you 

Then move on! 

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