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Posted on 29 March, 2014 at 21:40

So we are back to the word Passion, this is the true insight into your success and happiness.

My epiphany moment came some time ago, sitting sipping my glorious peppermint tea feeling completely grateful for the abundance that surrounded me and just taking a moment to contemplate life .”What is this true passion that everyone is raving about? How do you know what it is and when you have found it” Then it came to me - Who are you? What is it that you have been to your core ever since you arrived here?

The light bulb finally came on .... I was put here to serve to help, guide and assist. It is what I have been doing my whole life, it is what comes naturally to me. Whichever activity I am involved in this is what always comes to the surface.


Quote: Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are… Joyce Ortegay Y Gasset


I have had to hone my skills somewhat over the years .. I hear “Dr Phil” ringing in my ears.. “You are an enabler” there is a huge difference between helping people and trying to fix everything for them. If you are like that then I suggest more mediation for you . .. it is the answer to all, as you will see following my blog, it will answer all the questions you have unanswered in your soul.

Enabling people is damaging whereas assisting, guiding and leading them down the path they are supposed to follow is completely the opposite. Those of you who have been in the personal development game for a while will all know if you teach a man to fish it is so much better than giving a man a fish, just think that one through for a moment. It is so blatantly obvious but takes some self-control and some focus. Who are you helping if you simply keep doing things for everyone, feeling responsible for all their failures and mishaps you are simply not helping them and most assuredly you are not helping yourself.

My teenage son is now in control of his own washing, it took some time to let go of doing everything for him. Who was I helping, me? defiantly not, my Sundays spent washing 5o million white t shirts. Was I helping him, absolutely not. Was he going to turn into a man that some lovely young lady would idolize if he simply spent the rest of his life expecting everyone else to do everything for him? No! He needed to be an independent capable young fellow to go out into the big wide world and function to his full capacity and thrive.

So this is MY passion, helping and assisting others. Have you found your true passion yet?

This is something that may take some time so don’t feel as if once you have read this you need to meditate for 10 minutes and then find your light bulb turn on and hey presto off you go.

Take some time and think about who you are at your core, who have you been since you were a little tacker. Were you the 6 year old in the sand pit organising everyone? Did you spend time in front of the easel creating amazing artworks whilst your best friend ate all the play doh? Were you the one going around and making sure everyone was ok (this one was me). Be true to your soul and you will find your truth!



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