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Do You Have Belief?

Posted on 24 March, 2014 at 21:50


This is a very dangerous subject for me to be attempting online.. as I have such passion for it I am liable to turn this blog into a three day rant!  So bare with me and I will try and contain myself and share with you why "Belief" is so important for you to succeed This refers to all aspects of your life whether it be business,  personal or if you just want to maintain a happy healthy body. 

I have heard people call  belief -  a "knowing"  - When you listen to anyone that has succeeded they will always tell you they just knew they would succeed, get better or it just felt right somehow, it was something in their gut.


Our belief plays a huge part in our role in life, it will literally make or break  situations.  There are experiments being held all over the world trying to find out how the mind works, out it controls us without us knowing.

My all time favourite experiment is the famous "placebo effect" on knee surgery proven by Dr Moseley. 

It included 10 volunteers, who had knee injuries and required conventional surgery to alleviate the pain and discomfort. To keep the experiment realistic neither Dr Moseley nor the participants knew who was having the real surgery until they entered the operating theatre. Dr Moseley opened an envelope on the day and it was only then he would either know whether to do the operation, or simply go through the motions of the operation so the patients sub conscious would believe the operation was in progress or do nothing at all. To make it realistic to all patients involved in the experiment all had to have the incision and stitches so that it looked and felt authentic, when they all came to none of patients knew whether they had had an operation or not. Amazingly, or not so if you believe in the power of the mind. All patients reported that they felt better and they could use their knee as well as they could prior to the injury.   This is the power of belief in action.  If you can repair your body with belief imagine the possibilities in day to day life.  



If this is possible without us in control, if this is the subconscious at work,  it  is much stronger that we realise.

It shows how strong the mind is, it is very important for all of us to expose our mind our most precious asset to the good things in life.   Everyone  needs to be guarded on who and what we expose ourselves to. A little example for you is if you are cooking away in the kitchen but still have the TV going in the background vomiting out all the negativity, advertising etc .. You are still absorbing it whether you are paying attention or not.  A healthier environment would be to cook with your favourite music in the background, maybe a candle or oils burning in the distance. This is a calm peaceful environment for you conscious and sub conscious to evolve in.

It is my belief if you become aware of your mind and your thoughts you can effect the outcomes of your day to day life and change the course of your future.  For you to expand your own belief you need to keep you mind as clear and happy as possible.  WIth belief you will able to live the life of choice not of necessity.

You will also need to work on your emotional intelligence as well, yet again another opportunity for another blog.

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