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Attracting Money

Posted on 23 March, 2014 at 20:10

Now this is a fascinating subject.. how does one attract money into their life? 


It is all about your attitude some may call it your frequency, I just like to keep it simple and say it is simply how you look at money.  What have you programmed yourself to believe?

Do you see lack everywhere you go?  Does everything look expensive to you?  Or are you the opposite, there is enough for all and nothing is expensive you simply can't afford it at the moment, but by golly there is a lot on your dream board.


All of this mindset will tell you how you FEEL about money.  I will share a story about myself and how I felt about money when I was a child..


I was about 11 years old and in the "olden" days for all you youngsters out there we had 1 cent pieces, can you believe it.  Anyway,  I remember going into a milk bar (deli / shop) when I was 11 years old with a bag full of 1 cent pieces to purchase some groceries for the family.  I can feel the humiliation burning through the bones of my young self  to this day, it was amplified by the look  of distain from the shop keeper. How indignant he was that he had to count out over a dollar,  just so we could eat. During that period of  my life it was ingrained into my soul that I would not be controlled by money or by a lack of it when I was old enough to do so.  

So I am truly grateful for those challenging times, without them I would not be who I am today. 


Little did I know it but I had already started on  my journey to abundance, I refused to see lack in the world and was simply not going to be a part of it.  So as always, everything is up to YOU.  No one can enter your mind and change your thoughts like you are a computer and simply update your program, all the work is up to you.  It is all a choice..  I will let you know now though that if you want abundance in your life, you simple must act, feel see and behave abundant.  


There are so many little things that you can do in your life to help you feel this way, getting you into the right vibration. 


If you see a homeless person passed out on the sidewalk, you can pop into a shop buy a sandwich and place it by them, so when they awake they will have something to put in their stomach


If a friend is having a challenging day, send them a gift to make their day a little brighter or just pop in with a small chocolate.  Whatever is in your budget at the time..  If you give to others it always makes you feel great, it uplifts them as well and can not help but pull you into the right frequency.

When the Salvation Army come around with their bucket put in a note, not coins.


For the attraction to work you must align what you are doing  with how you feel within your soul. 


If you are starting a new venture and are wanting to make gazillions and what you are doing -  you truly do not believe in.. It will never work.  So whatever endeavours you choose make sure they align with your soul and who you are and it will work in your favour. 


For example


If you are buying stocks and all you are doing is being fearful of losing money, well I am sorry that is inevitable.  So best you stop doing that and find something you are aligned with.  You may be the opposite, loving the whole share thing, being excited and teaching yourself everything you need to know about how the system works, who is the best mentor and thriving on the whole idea, this would obviously bring you success.  It is just the way it works. 



If you are in a network marketing company and all you can see is over priced goods, well I am afraid retailing may be somewhat of a challenge to you.  Then again if you are in the same company and you believe to the core of your soul that you have the best products on the whole planet, you are in a vibrational match and success will come your way.




There are so many examples for you to see how obvious this works...  There was a news article about a man who was a check out operator at one of the large supermarket chains.  He was a  vibrational match to what he was doing, he would have ladies lining up one after the other to go through his checkout.  He loved what he did, he chatted away to every single customer he had, they loved him.  Have you ever been through a checkout and the young person really made it obvious they did not want to be there, these are the people who are out of sink with what their true intention should be. 



So now as you are thinking which ways can I make this gazillion dollar lifestyle I am looking for, make sure whatever you pick.. YOU LOVE!!



Options for attracting money


Real Estate

Share Market

Network Marketing

Your Calling - writer / singer / artist

JOB - this always stands for "Just over broke"




You need to teach yourself as much as you can about each subject you find appealing, but make sure you are a match.










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