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Di Couch has been searching for answers her whole life.  She has successfully run private business's, discovered the power of personal development and achieved leadership roles in  Network Marketing.

Her blog is here to assist you on your journey to empowering yourself to reach your full potential and have the life you deserve. 


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Your Body

Posted on 16 June, 2014 at 5:20 Comments comments (0)

Your body is the most important asset you have control over. It is up to YOU what you do with it..

This is the vehicle that has to last you a very long time, it is going to be with you for lets say at least 90 years.. 

If you want this amazing vehicle to go the distance it is time to take a look at how you actually treat it.  

There is so much information on the internet at the moment telling you not to eat this or eat more of this, go raw, eat organic, go vegan.  My philosophy is KISS .. Keep it simple silly!!  

All about moderation and balance.  Keep everything in balance I believe this is the key to your success with life, health and mental well being. Don't go manic on any diet just eat everything that makes you FEEL good in moderation. If you would like a piece of cake, have it but don't eat the whole cake!  it is that simple.. 

It is the same with exercice, flog yourself silly in the gym or do everything in balance.. My belief is balance,  find something you love do it a few times a week, the joy you receive from the activity will also help increase your sense of well being. 

My favourite is yoga and my favourite yoga instructor is Ashley !!  She is awesome, balanced & real.  If you would like to try a workout cliick on the information below and ENJOY!!   Stay healthy, love your body, be real !

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Staying out of the shrubs

Posted on 14 May, 2014 at 1:00 Comments comments (0)

Staying on track is a challenge you will have to face, overcome and master if you are planning to design your own life.  If you are not used to being in charge of your day and are more prone to being told what to do next, this will be one of your biggest adventures.

Wanting to work for yourself you may have visions of sleeping late, having coffee with friends and lazy lunches by the beach. These are all fabulous ways to spend your time and something you are able to do 20% of the time but if you really want to get off the ground and running with your business - you are really going to have to spend 80% of your time being disciplined.


Discipline is your ally, with discipline you are able to accomplish so much more and alleviate so many distractions.  For the beginners amongst you,  simply planning your day is the best way to start. 

This is achieved by

Buying yourself a diary (it doesn't matter if you do not have one single client as yet)

Block out in your diary what you do in your normal week. Examples - take kidlets to swimming lessons, driving lesson for teenager, hair cut.  You get the idea

Block out time for household chores, be disciplined.  Get it all done by a certain time

Dress for work, don't lay around all day in your tracky dacks... It is all about feeling good, someone who greets you at the door and they have not managed to brush their hair yet .. does not really emit a sense of accomplishment.

Make appointments with your clients even if you only have one.  "I have a two o'clock appointment free next Tuesday".. Act as if...  This will keep you organised and committed to your business.

Book in exercise, EEK!  yes exercise, this is going to keep you happy... exercise  creates endorphins.. the natural high... this can only be beneficial

Schedule time to check emails and social media. This one is a huge distraction so keep it focused and get off... 

Once you have your weekly plan stick to it. 

If you find yourself procrastinating and going off track start with one discipline per week and work your way up until you have mastered your list and you are staying on the path to your future self. 

Below is a simple plan to show you it is possible for anyone  to find hours in a busy week to

accomplish your dreams



Posted on 26 April, 2014 at 20:00 Comments comments (0)

Life is sending you signals  constantly.

Are you aware of what is being sent your way?  

If you are constantly having challenges day in and day out - there is a big problem with your vibration.  Like attracts like as they say. I have aquaintances that are cranky little ants when they drive around in their car and you know what happens ?  They bump into all the other cranky little ants out on the road, they get the traffic jams, the breakdowns and all the other negative experiences related to the road.  Why?  Because that is what they are sending out so that is what they recieve back, it's really that simple.

Take a  look at the adversity that is making it's self known to you and figure out what the lesson is to be learnt.  If you do not learn the lesson, the same challenges will keep popping up in your life until you do. 

So is adversity a good thing or just simply annoying?  In my eyes it is a good thing, it is here to teach - so how can it be a bad thing.  If you are being taught you are growing and if you are growing you can only become a better version of yourself. So I say welcome adversity with open arms and embrace it.  Obviously if you are being bombarded by adversity you may need to go back to our old friend meditation and re group for a moment just to get a little balance back in your life. 

How do you change your situation?  How do you grow to the next level?  This is where you have to be brutally honest with yourself, you are the only one who truly knows the real you.  Society gets the polished version, but you, you get the raw and real version.  What is it that you are fighting and creating resistance against.  Are you unhappy in a relationship, your job is it not gelling with the real you.  For instance if you are an animal lover (as am I) and you are working at the abattoir.  This is a mis match, it goes against your core beliefs and you will be out of wack. Are you working indoors stuck behind a computer and in an air-conditioned environment, when all you want to do is plant another Eden in your community. Again a mis match, you are also out of wack.


Realigning yourself will temper the adversity that is being sent your way and will create a more peaceful and abundant existence.

So take your adversity - whether it be your current situation, something that has happened in your past that you are dragging  around with you like an old chum,or it could even been your body rebelling against you.  Whatever your adversity is dissect it, get it to bare it's soul to you and then focus on the solution not the adversity.  Answers will come to you once you realign your focus, you will be unable to alleviate any issue if you are constantly focusing on the challenge / adversity and not the solution. 

Be thankful for the adversity and the lessons and knowledge it has given you 

Then move on! 

MLM The Full Monty

Posted on 25 April, 2014 at 23:25 Comments comments (0)

So you are thinking of adding an MLM business to your portfolio. Heck why not, I truly believe it is one of the most advantageous strategies you can add to your arsenal if you are thinking of becoming successful.


There are so many illusions portrayed on the net and even before the net existed about MLM. So lets take a good hard look at the realities you will be in for .. some good, some awesome and some -  eek! is this really for me?  - moments you may want to address prior to your commitment.


Our first port of call would have to be the myth of working 3 hours a day and earning 25K per month. Heck have you ever heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true,  it surely is. Don't get me wrong these figures are completely possible,  but they are not plausible for a newby. If you are going into your new venture believing this is your future in the next 6 months you will be in for a rude shock. I think this is one of the main reasons people drop out of what ever business they choose to join, it is simply their expectations are way out of wack.


I think the next most important point to address is to look at who you are signing up with. This is going to be a long term relationship for both parties so you need to interview your new prospect thoroughly and the same goes for the prospect, you need to interview who is signing you up.

Experience levels on either sie are not the issue,  it is mainly if there is the right fit. Do you gel with each other? Do you have the same believe system? If you are Harry Hot Shot and try and sign up with a peace loving energy driven distributor,   this is not a good fit. You can always source experience from your upline / sideline, all companies have training systems and schedules, you can even out source training there is an abundance on the net. It is more about .. Can I work with this guy for the next 30 years? Once you are in a line, that is where you stay. It is not like a job and you can transfer departments after 5 years because your boss is annoying you. You are going to be with each other until one of you leave, that is the reality. So do some due dilegence and interview extremely well before either party signs on the proverbial dotted line.


The pyramid .. This one makes me chuckle, the theory is -  if you don't get in first then there is nothing left for the rest of us. Well this defies all the laws of abundance. There is ample for all, no need to be in lack mode as this is all you will attract.

The next thing about the pyramid is that people don't really notice that this "theory" surrounds them on a daily basis. Take a look at the average work place. There is the boss at the top, who obviously gets paid the most, then there are a few managers, who obviously get paid more than the workers, then there are the supervisors, who obviously get paid a little less but more than the minions and then of course there are the minions who get paid the least. This is not MLM this is your work place... SO lets take a look at how that impacts you. Are you a supervisor or a minion? Well if you are either in the normal work structure or in the MLM industry it doesn't matter  - all I can see from the obvious is ... The more you LEARN the more you will EARN.


Love your product, if you don't love your product how the heck are you going to stay enthusiastic about it year after year. So look at the product and truly ask yourself "would I go out of my way to buy this" If the answer is NO, I really don't think you have found your product.

Time, this is another issue that makes me giggle.  Ok so it will take you 5 years at Uni to become a Doctor and when you have finished you will then need to take another 10 years to build up your practice.  So this is totally feasable, for most of society to absorb.  Then you may say to someone "it may take some time for you to be able to master all the skills required to do well in Multi Level Marketing", and some respond with "well how come I'm not earning 10K a month yet" the obvious answer to that is they have not required the skill set to deserve this amount of income.  It is fascinating that people believe they deserve the income without putting in the hard yards to obtain the skills.  So there is another tip for you, be realistic .. it takes time to become a Brain Surgeon as does it take time to become well versed in the skills of  a successful MLM'er. 

If you want to make it in the business, which ever one you pick .. You have to realise you have now extended your family, this is such an upside to the business. You meet like minded people who have searched out something other than the ordinary. They know their life can be better and those that are successful have fabulous attitudes. They are problem solvers and generally committed individuals who are inspiring to be around. Who wouldn't want to hang out with people like this.


Residual income, this is the bonus prize. So when you get up and running and you have a team working with you,  it is now possible for you to reap the benefits of all of your dedication. There is no way you can make as much money as 20 people can make, this is the luxury of the MLM structure. You do your work and then you receive a portion of everyone else's work as well. So now you have residual income.


Some people say they retire on their residual income, I have not seen this myself. If you truly want to be successful in the business and you reach the heights of residual income then you are hooked. You don't want to retire you are so happy and buzzed that everything is going so well you can't imagine yourself lying on a beach doing nothing. Why would you?  When you can hang out with your new family and make a change in so many peoples lives.


Hype! My God we are surrounded by hype...From someone just selling a piece of chicken on the TV to convincing you to see the next super hero flick at the theatre. Try and stay cool, calm and collected with your decisions, disconnect yourself from the hype as much as possible and make an informed decision prior to signing away....


Due diligence, take the time to check out the company,  don't go in blind. WIth the net you will find all the good, bad and ugly about a company quick smart. Try and use your own brain and push past the Nay Sayers and the over zealous and make an intelligent and informed decision. Is the company on the same page as you? Do you like their product? Is their compensation plan realistic? What does their track record tell you?

Know for a fact no matter what business you decide upon that the figures state without a doubt  that some people succeed and some people don't.  What I truly believe makes this happen is whether or not you are a true vibrational match to the company you have chosen. 

If you find the company, product and mentor and you truly FEEL good - then you have your match.. Go for it! Vibrating on the right page with the right people is how it all works out .

So Go with your Gut and enjoy !!!
















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How many of you are looking for the perfect life flicking from one idea to the next?  If this sounds like you maybe you need to take a deep breath and sit down and think what it is you are really looking for.


If you are looking for happiness, riches or even just stability you have to pick one thing and stick to it.  It is again all down to how you feel.  If it feels right then stick it out and if it feels wrong get OUT! 


There are too many get rich quick, you could call them schemes,  but they are all proabably legitimate business ideas that require committment and some stickability.  If it takes you 5 years to get where you need to go then heck why not stick it out.  I think with all the hype and marketing on the net these days half the population is convinced that all they have to do is place a few ads, write a blog for a week and "Hey Presto" they are going to be rich.  You need to get a little serious with yourself if this is your thought pattern.  Truly?  Do you really believe this is how it all happens. 

Time to read some good old fashioned auto biographies pick which ever ones tickle your fancy.  But once you get hooked on these you will soon see that everyone who has ever made it , put in the hard yards, they just didn't wake up at the end of the journey, they had the journey.  You know what this is half the fun, it makes you into someone special, someone who actually deserves success and someone with eyes that are wide open.

Your homework today is to find an autobiography of someone who has inspired you.. read it in full and see how this effects your thought process at the end.  Ciao Have a fabulous day!!! 




Fear and Doubt

Posted on 12 April, 2014 at 4:05 Comments comments (2)

Fear & Doubt

Being frightened triggers automatic responses within our system, this used to be very handy many moons ago but it is very unlikely that we are going to be chased through the supermarket by a wild gorilla when we pop in to pick up some eggs. 

Our body is now in a constant state of fear daily as we are bombarded by the 24 hour plug in that we are graced with. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of gratitude and am immensely grateful to Steve Jobs and his vision, but someone forgot to tell our body it is just a story in another land and the danger even though it is real, it is not real for us.  So here we are in a constant state of fear with our adrenal glands in over drive. 

So what is the solution, unplug.  How funny as you are probably reading this on your ipad or laptop and I am telling you to switch off.  It is so important for your health and well being you need to gain the discipline to do so. 

Our bodies need time to get grounded become one with our creator / the universe  / spirit  whatever tickles  your fancy. It is so important for soul to make this connection, this will be one of the major contributing factors to avoid total burnout and to your success.

How else can we control our fear / doubt.  The next best thing is to get control of the little voice in your head.  For funs sake lets call her Mildred.  She has been with you since you can remember always in the back of your mind just edging you a little closer to her buddies fear and doubt.  If you can become aware of this little (sometimes overwhelming) voice  and figure out  the triggers that set Mildred on one of her raving rants, you are heading towards peace and contentment.  Take note of when she appears, you will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more empowered you feel,  now that you are simply aware.

Fear and doubt can also sabotage your future, it can literally paralyse you with fear that you simply do nothing.  You have all these dreams and aspirations and you simply do not act on any of them because you are frightened, what if you actually succeed, frightened of the changes it may bring, frightened of what people may think of you, frightened of failing.  So instead you do nothing because that is safe and everyone else is doing it, so it must be ok.

Do you want to be a success? Now that's a whole new blog certainly opening up a big can of worms there, what is success and how do we define it?  Or even the question how do others define our success through their eyes? 

Don't be frightened, don't waste your life being something you hate and do out of duty.  Be who you want to be.  So take the time today and find your Mildred and get to know her.  Find out what sets her off and take note, be there to silence her and embrace the contentment this brings.




Posted on 29 March, 2014 at 21:40 Comments comments (0)

So we are back to the word Passion, this is the true insight into your success and happiness.

My epiphany moment came some time ago, sitting sipping my glorious peppermint tea feeling completely grateful for the abundance that surrounded me and just taking a moment to contemplate life .”What is this true passion that everyone is raving about? How do you know what it is and when you have found it” Then it came to me - Who are you? What is it that you have been to your core ever since you arrived here?

The light bulb finally came on .... I was put here to serve to help, guide and assist. It is what I have been doing my whole life, it is what comes naturally to me. Whichever activity I am involved in this is what always comes to the surface.


Quote: Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are… Joyce Ortegay Y Gasset


I have had to hone my skills somewhat over the years .. I hear “Dr Phil” ringing in my ears.. “You are an enabler” there is a huge difference between helping people and trying to fix everything for them. If you are like that then I suggest more mediation for you . .. it is the answer to all, as you will see following my blog, it will answer all the questions you have unanswered in your soul.

Enabling people is damaging whereas assisting, guiding and leading them down the path they are supposed to follow is completely the opposite. Those of you who have been in the personal development game for a while will all know if you teach a man to fish it is so much better than giving a man a fish, just think that one through for a moment. It is so blatantly obvious but takes some self-control and some focus. Who are you helping if you simply keep doing things for everyone, feeling responsible for all their failures and mishaps you are simply not helping them and most assuredly you are not helping yourself.

My teenage son is now in control of his own washing, it took some time to let go of doing everything for him. Who was I helping, me? defiantly not, my Sundays spent washing 5o million white t shirts. Was I helping him, absolutely not. Was he going to turn into a man that some lovely young lady would idolize if he simply spent the rest of his life expecting everyone else to do everything for him? No! He needed to be an independent capable young fellow to go out into the big wide world and function to his full capacity and thrive.

So this is MY passion, helping and assisting others. Have you found your true passion yet?

This is something that may take some time so don’t feel as if once you have read this you need to meditate for 10 minutes and then find your light bulb turn on and hey presto off you go.

Take some time and think about who you are at your core, who have you been since you were a little tacker. Were you the 6 year old in the sand pit organising everyone? Did you spend time in front of the easel creating amazing artworks whilst your best friend ate all the play doh? Were you the one going around and making sure everyone was ok (this one was me). Be true to your soul and you will find your truth!



Do You Have Belief?

Posted on 24 March, 2014 at 21:50 Comments comments (0)


This is a very dangerous subject for me to be attempting online.. as I have such passion for it I am liable to turn this blog into a three day rant!  So bare with me and I will try and contain myself and share with you why "Belief" is so important for you to succeed This refers to all aspects of your life whether it be business,  personal or if you just want to maintain a happy healthy body. 

I have heard people call  belief -  a "knowing"  - When you listen to anyone that has succeeded they will always tell you they just knew they would succeed, get better or it just felt right somehow, it was something in their gut.


Our belief plays a huge part in our role in life, it will literally make or break  situations.  There are experiments being held all over the world trying to find out how the mind works, out it controls us without us knowing.

My all time favourite experiment is the famous "placebo effect" on knee surgery proven by Dr Moseley. 

It included 10 volunteers, who had knee injuries and required conventional surgery to alleviate the pain and discomfort. To keep the experiment realistic neither Dr Moseley nor the participants knew who was having the real surgery until they entered the operating theatre. Dr Moseley opened an envelope on the day and it was only then he would either know whether to do the operation, or simply go through the motions of the operation so the patients sub conscious would believe the operation was in progress or do nothing at all. To make it realistic to all patients involved in the experiment all had to have the incision and stitches so that it looked and felt authentic, when they all came to none of patients knew whether they had had an operation or not. Amazingly, or not so if you believe in the power of the mind. All patients reported that they felt better and they could use their knee as well as they could prior to the injury.   This is the power of belief in action.  If you can repair your body with belief imagine the possibilities in day to day life.  



If this is possible without us in control, if this is the subconscious at work,  it  is much stronger that we realise.

It shows how strong the mind is, it is very important for all of us to expose our mind our most precious asset to the good things in life.   Everyone  needs to be guarded on who and what we expose ourselves to. A little example for you is if you are cooking away in the kitchen but still have the TV going in the background vomiting out all the negativity, advertising etc .. You are still absorbing it whether you are paying attention or not.  A healthier environment would be to cook with your favourite music in the background, maybe a candle or oils burning in the distance. This is a calm peaceful environment for you conscious and sub conscious to evolve in.

It is my belief if you become aware of your mind and your thoughts you can effect the outcomes of your day to day life and change the course of your future.  For you to expand your own belief you need to keep you mind as clear and happy as possible.  WIth belief you will able to live the life of choice not of necessity.

You will also need to work on your emotional intelligence as well, yet again another opportunity for another blog.

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Attracting Money

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Now this is a fascinating subject.. how does one attract money into their life? 


It is all about your attitude some may call it your frequency, I just like to keep it simple and say it is simply how you look at money.  What have you programmed yourself to believe?

Do you see lack everywhere you go?  Does everything look expensive to you?  Or are you the opposite, there is enough for all and nothing is expensive you simply can't afford it at the moment, but by golly there is a lot on your dream board.


All of this mindset will tell you how you FEEL about money.  I will share a story about myself and how I felt about money when I was a child..


I was about 11 years old and in the "olden" days for all you youngsters out there we had 1 cent pieces, can you believe it.  Anyway,  I remember going into a milk bar (deli / shop) when I was 11 years old with a bag full of 1 cent pieces to purchase some groceries for the family.  I can feel the humiliation burning through the bones of my young self  to this day, it was amplified by the look  of distain from the shop keeper. How indignant he was that he had to count out over a dollar,  just so we could eat. During that period of  my life it was ingrained into my soul that I would not be controlled by money or by a lack of it when I was old enough to do so.  

So I am truly grateful for those challenging times, without them I would not be who I am today. 


Little did I know it but I had already started on  my journey to abundance, I refused to see lack in the world and was simply not going to be a part of it.  So as always, everything is up to YOU.  No one can enter your mind and change your thoughts like you are a computer and simply update your program, all the work is up to you.  It is all a choice..  I will let you know now though that if you want abundance in your life, you simple must act, feel see and behave abundant.  


There are so many little things that you can do in your life to help you feel this way, getting you into the right vibration. 


If you see a homeless person passed out on the sidewalk, you can pop into a shop buy a sandwich and place it by them, so when they awake they will have something to put in their stomach


If a friend is having a challenging day, send them a gift to make their day a little brighter or just pop in with a small chocolate.  Whatever is in your budget at the time..  If you give to others it always makes you feel great, it uplifts them as well and can not help but pull you into the right frequency.

When the Salvation Army come around with their bucket put in a note, not coins.


For the attraction to work you must align what you are doing  with how you feel within your soul. 


If you are starting a new venture and are wanting to make gazillions and what you are doing -  you truly do not believe in.. It will never work.  So whatever endeavours you choose make sure they align with your soul and who you are and it will work in your favour. 


For example


If you are buying stocks and all you are doing is being fearful of losing money, well I am sorry that is inevitable.  So best you stop doing that and find something you are aligned with.  You may be the opposite, loving the whole share thing, being excited and teaching yourself everything you need to know about how the system works, who is the best mentor and thriving on the whole idea, this would obviously bring you success.  It is just the way it works. 



If you are in a network marketing company and all you can see is over priced goods, well I am afraid retailing may be somewhat of a challenge to you.  Then again if you are in the same company and you believe to the core of your soul that you have the best products on the whole planet, you are in a vibrational match and success will come your way.




There are so many examples for you to see how obvious this works...  There was a news article about a man who was a check out operator at one of the large supermarket chains.  He was a  vibrational match to what he was doing, he would have ladies lining up one after the other to go through his checkout.  He loved what he did, he chatted away to every single customer he had, they loved him.  Have you ever been through a checkout and the young person really made it obvious they did not want to be there, these are the people who are out of sink with what their true intention should be. 



So now as you are thinking which ways can I make this gazillion dollar lifestyle I am looking for, make sure whatever you pick.. YOU LOVE!!



Options for attracting money


Real Estate

Share Market

Network Marketing

Your Calling - writer / singer / artist

JOB - this always stands for "Just over broke"




You need to teach yourself as much as you can about each subject you find appealing, but make sure you are a match.










Is TV Killing your dreams

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Turn off your TV!

This is I must admit - my pet peeve!

TV is a complete waste of time, energy & simply your life.  You are literally watching someone else fufull their dreams whilst you windle away hours of your own life.

Lets take a look at what you are exposing yourself to. Lets face it the majority of entertainment (used very lightly I must say) is repeats, imported b grade rubbish or DIY everything.  News is thrown at you in bucket loads, there may be the odd educational show on some of the less commercial channels that could be worth a portion of your valuable time.  But on the whole is it really worth it?

Have any of you heard the song by iconic band Skyhooks - Horror Movie?  The lyrics go something like this 

Horror movie right there no my TV, Horror movie right there on my TV, Horror movie right there on my TV, shocking me right out of my brain.. it's the 6.30 news.

I truly believe we must all be informed about society and what takes place, but with TV you are simply bombarded with negativity constantly. Sitting there flicking from one channel to the next viewing the same awful images.

Before we had TV and satellites you would only know about what was happening in your own community, your own little village.  News of a disaster may get to the village once a year via merchants selling their wares.  Now it is every single day, there is even a 24 hour news channel that you can stock up on all of the sadness, mishaps and disasters at any given moment.   We now know what is going on in every single country at any given moment.  It is impossible for the human brain to function in a healthy manner with that much negativity being thrown at it daily. 

Research from Dr Aric Sigman states in Remotely Controlled - Common effects of both TV viewing and Pyschosurgery include:

  • Reduction in critical thinking 
  • Less Motivation
  • Less Creativity and Perserverance in problem solving 
  • Greater separation of thought from emotion, making human behaviour more conformist.


Harvard Researchers have also concluded that there should be a recommended daily allowance (exposure) 

  • Children under 3 should see no screen entertainment 
  • After this age, TV viewing of good quality programming should be limited to 1 hour per day 
  • Teenagers should be limited to 1.5 hours per day
  • And for us Adults a mere 2 hours per day.  (More than enough time to catch up on world events & find comedy for a bit of light relief.)


Australians spend one month a year sitting watching TV 

Australian adults spend on average four hours per day doing sedentary leisure activities such as watching TV compared with only half an hour of physical activity, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today. 

Dr Paul Jelfs, from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, said the 2011 - 12 data reveals a tendency for high levels of sedentary  behaviour across the adult population. 

"Australian adults spent an average of 13 hours a week watching TV.  While males and females spent a similar number of hours sitting to watch TV, males spent around 45 mnutes more per week using the computer (5.5 compared to 4.8 hours) and 40 minutes playing electronic games (one hour compared to 18 minutes)" Dr Jelfs said. 

"It all adds up, with men and women spending over two months of each year on sedentary leisure activities (65 days for men and 61 days for women per year)  including public transport. 

Source - Statistics are from ABS 19.7.2013

If you are to find your true purpose in life you will need to limit your exposure to the "idiot box" that takes up so much room in your living area. 

Look for alternatives, use your time wisely it silps by very fast.  Seek out like minded people through the internet, local sporting clubs or like me make a choice, you decide what you would like in your mind.. not the little (or these days) big black box making those choices for you!

As a wise man once said... 

Make it a goal to have a home library!

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