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Di Couch has been searching for answers her whole life.  She has successfully run private business's, discovered the power of personal development and achieved leadership roles in  Network Marketing.

Her blog is here to assist you on your journey to empowering yourself to reach your full potential and have the life you deserve. 


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What is YOUR Purpose

Posted on 18 March, 2014 at 21:30 Comments comments (0)

Welcome to my blog and my very first entry!!

Your Purpose 

This is oneof the most asked questions of our time.

What was I put here to do?

The lives of people living n developed countries are becoming so comfortable that we no longer have to spend hours hunting for food, preparing meals and trying to stay alive. Such luxuries that have arrived in the western world (civilised may be an over statement) as electricity and modern day appliances alleviate a lot of this for us, time is on our side. 

So now we ponder : 

What am I supposed to be doing with my life?

The reality of the clock ticking and our fast pace society dictates we should accomplish and accomplish now.

There is so much pressure on all of us to get everything sorted and get it done, but what is it that we are supposed to be getting done?

Goals are so important, without them  you are simply floating around with a wish list, but in perspective without your purpose being defined they seem somewhat arbitrary.

So how do you discover your purpose? This is where you need to get connected to source, meditation will help you here. Try meditating on this one question.  If you were on your death bed and your loved one sat beside you and asked 

"What are your regrets?"

How would you answer this question, what would you feel and how would you respond.  Could you lie there with a full heart and say  " I have none!"  or would you ponder and have a small list or a list 20 miles long.

Would your answer be, I regret not becoming an author, not trekking to Mt Everest, not building the orphanage in a 3rd world country as you had always dreamed?  What would it be?

Looking at your regrets now, is a way to build the life you always wanted.  Take charge don't let the sand of time slip between your fingers and have a list 20 miles long. 

If you say your regreted not playing an instrument, this could be an insight into your purpose.  Do  you long to be a Muso?  Or would it be your regret not having a family because you were too busy on your career?  Another insight, this is something your should pursue, after all it is your own private journey, only you know the answers. 

To find your purpose you need to look deep into your soul and be true to yourself.  It is a wasted life when you are doing something your hate, simply for the paycheck at the end of the week.  Put yourself first and commit to finding your life's pupose with me ..

Spend some time today on yourself and make "you" the PRIORITY 

Do a 10 minute meditation and see what answers come to you, this could be the beginning?

For those of you new to mediation please click on the link for some suggestions