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MLM The Full Monty

Posted on 25 April, 2014 at 23:25 Comments comments (0)

So you are thinking of adding an MLM business to your portfolio. Heck why not, I truly believe it is one of the most advantageous strategies you can add to your arsenal if you are thinking of becoming successful.


There are so many illusions portrayed on the net and even before the net existed about MLM. So lets take a good hard look at the realities you will be in for .. some good, some awesome and some -  eek! is this really for me?  - moments you may want to address prior to your commitment.


Our first port of call would have to be the myth of working 3 hours a day and earning 25K per month. Heck have you ever heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true,  it surely is. Don't get me wrong these figures are completely possible,  but they are not plausible for a newby. If you are going into your new venture believing this is your future in the next 6 months you will be in for a rude shock. I think this is one of the main reasons people drop out of what ever business they choose to join, it is simply their expectations are way out of wack.


I think the next most important point to address is to look at who you are signing up with. This is going to be a long term relationship for both parties so you need to interview your new prospect thoroughly and the same goes for the prospect, you need to interview who is signing you up.

Experience levels on either sie are not the issue,  it is mainly if there is the right fit. Do you gel with each other? Do you have the same believe system? If you are Harry Hot Shot and try and sign up with a peace loving energy driven distributor,   this is not a good fit. You can always source experience from your upline / sideline, all companies have training systems and schedules, you can even out source training there is an abundance on the net. It is more about .. Can I work with this guy for the next 30 years? Once you are in a line, that is where you stay. It is not like a job and you can transfer departments after 5 years because your boss is annoying you. You are going to be with each other until one of you leave, that is the reality. So do some due dilegence and interview extremely well before either party signs on the proverbial dotted line.


The pyramid .. This one makes me chuckle, the theory is -  if you don't get in first then there is nothing left for the rest of us. Well this defies all the laws of abundance. There is ample for all, no need to be in lack mode as this is all you will attract.

The next thing about the pyramid is that people don't really notice that this "theory" surrounds them on a daily basis. Take a look at the average work place. There is the boss at the top, who obviously gets paid the most, then there are a few managers, who obviously get paid more than the workers, then there are the supervisors, who obviously get paid a little less but more than the minions and then of course there are the minions who get paid the least. This is not MLM this is your work place... SO lets take a look at how that impacts you. Are you a supervisor or a minion? Well if you are either in the normal work structure or in the MLM industry it doesn't matter  - all I can see from the obvious is ... The more you LEARN the more you will EARN.


Love your product, if you don't love your product how the heck are you going to stay enthusiastic about it year after year. So look at the product and truly ask yourself "would I go out of my way to buy this" If the answer is NO, I really don't think you have found your product.

Time, this is another issue that makes me giggle.  Ok so it will take you 5 years at Uni to become a Doctor and when you have finished you will then need to take another 10 years to build up your practice.  So this is totally feasable, for most of society to absorb.  Then you may say to someone "it may take some time for you to be able to master all the skills required to do well in Multi Level Marketing", and some respond with "well how come I'm not earning 10K a month yet" the obvious answer to that is they have not required the skill set to deserve this amount of income.  It is fascinating that people believe they deserve the income without putting in the hard yards to obtain the skills.  So there is another tip for you, be realistic .. it takes time to become a Brain Surgeon as does it take time to become well versed in the skills of  a successful MLM'er. 

If you want to make it in the business, which ever one you pick .. You have to realise you have now extended your family, this is such an upside to the business. You meet like minded people who have searched out something other than the ordinary. They know their life can be better and those that are successful have fabulous attitudes. They are problem solvers and generally committed individuals who are inspiring to be around. Who wouldn't want to hang out with people like this.


Residual income, this is the bonus prize. So when you get up and running and you have a team working with you,  it is now possible for you to reap the benefits of all of your dedication. There is no way you can make as much money as 20 people can make, this is the luxury of the MLM structure. You do your work and then you receive a portion of everyone else's work as well. So now you have residual income.


Some people say they retire on their residual income, I have not seen this myself. If you truly want to be successful in the business and you reach the heights of residual income then you are hooked. You don't want to retire you are so happy and buzzed that everything is going so well you can't imagine yourself lying on a beach doing nothing. Why would you?  When you can hang out with your new family and make a change in so many peoples lives.


Hype! My God we are surrounded by hype...From someone just selling a piece of chicken on the TV to convincing you to see the next super hero flick at the theatre. Try and stay cool, calm and collected with your decisions, disconnect yourself from the hype as much as possible and make an informed decision prior to signing away....


Due diligence, take the time to check out the company,  don't go in blind. WIth the net you will find all the good, bad and ugly about a company quick smart. Try and use your own brain and push past the Nay Sayers and the over zealous and make an intelligent and informed decision. Is the company on the same page as you? Do you like their product? Is their compensation plan realistic? What does their track record tell you?

Know for a fact no matter what business you decide upon that the figures state without a doubt  that some people succeed and some people don't.  What I truly believe makes this happen is whether or not you are a true vibrational match to the company you have chosen. 

If you find the company, product and mentor and you truly FEEL good - then you have your match.. Go for it! Vibrating on the right page with the right people is how it all works out .

So Go with your Gut and enjoy !!!















Attracting Money

Posted on 23 March, 2014 at 20:10 Comments comments (0)

Now this is a fascinating subject.. how does one attract money into their life? 


It is all about your attitude some may call it your frequency, I just like to keep it simple and say it is simply how you look at money.  What have you programmed yourself to believe?

Do you see lack everywhere you go?  Does everything look expensive to you?  Or are you the opposite, there is enough for all and nothing is expensive you simply can't afford it at the moment, but by golly there is a lot on your dream board.


All of this mindset will tell you how you FEEL about money.  I will share a story about myself and how I felt about money when I was a child..


I was about 11 years old and in the "olden" days for all you youngsters out there we had 1 cent pieces, can you believe it.  Anyway,  I remember going into a milk bar (deli / shop) when I was 11 years old with a bag full of 1 cent pieces to purchase some groceries for the family.  I can feel the humiliation burning through the bones of my young self  to this day, it was amplified by the look  of distain from the shop keeper. How indignant he was that he had to count out over a dollar,  just so we could eat. During that period of  my life it was ingrained into my soul that I would not be controlled by money or by a lack of it when I was old enough to do so.  

So I am truly grateful for those challenging times, without them I would not be who I am today. 


Little did I know it but I had already started on  my journey to abundance, I refused to see lack in the world and was simply not going to be a part of it.  So as always, everything is up to YOU.  No one can enter your mind and change your thoughts like you are a computer and simply update your program, all the work is up to you.  It is all a choice..  I will let you know now though that if you want abundance in your life, you simple must act, feel see and behave abundant.  


There are so many little things that you can do in your life to help you feel this way, getting you into the right vibration. 


If you see a homeless person passed out on the sidewalk, you can pop into a shop buy a sandwich and place it by them, so when they awake they will have something to put in their stomach


If a friend is having a challenging day, send them a gift to make their day a little brighter or just pop in with a small chocolate.  Whatever is in your budget at the time..  If you give to others it always makes you feel great, it uplifts them as well and can not help but pull you into the right frequency.

When the Salvation Army come around with their bucket put in a note, not coins.


For the attraction to work you must align what you are doing  with how you feel within your soul. 


If you are starting a new venture and are wanting to make gazillions and what you are doing -  you truly do not believe in.. It will never work.  So whatever endeavours you choose make sure they align with your soul and who you are and it will work in your favour. 


For example


If you are buying stocks and all you are doing is being fearful of losing money, well I am sorry that is inevitable.  So best you stop doing that and find something you are aligned with.  You may be the opposite, loving the whole share thing, being excited and teaching yourself everything you need to know about how the system works, who is the best mentor and thriving on the whole idea, this would obviously bring you success.  It is just the way it works. 



If you are in a network marketing company and all you can see is over priced goods, well I am afraid retailing may be somewhat of a challenge to you.  Then again if you are in the same company and you believe to the core of your soul that you have the best products on the whole planet, you are in a vibrational match and success will come your way.




There are so many examples for you to see how obvious this works...  There was a news article about a man who was a check out operator at one of the large supermarket chains.  He was a  vibrational match to what he was doing, he would have ladies lining up one after the other to go through his checkout.  He loved what he did, he chatted away to every single customer he had, they loved him.  Have you ever been through a checkout and the young person really made it obvious they did not want to be there, these are the people who are out of sink with what their true intention should be. 



So now as you are thinking which ways can I make this gazillion dollar lifestyle I am looking for, make sure whatever you pick.. YOU LOVE!!



Options for attracting money


Real Estate

Share Market

Network Marketing

Your Calling - writer / singer / artist

JOB - this always stands for "Just over broke"




You need to teach yourself as much as you can about each subject you find appealing, but make sure you are a match.