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My Story..


It has been an interesting ride, I arrived in Australia when I was 4 years old with two hard working parents. Flunked out of school, floundered for some time and then found my way..


My life today, is what I would have called back then an illusion, a dream, something that would have happened to one of my  school mates.  I have been blessed with a loving marriage, healthy children, living in a safe and beautiful country and living an abundant lifestyle.


I have worked in network marketing  for nearly 10 years and had traditional business's, learning a lot about people along the way and some would say fallen on my feet repeatedly.  It took some time to realise I just needed to let go and all the work would be done for me.  If you can become connected to source, have faith and just let go, your ability to just KNOW,  it will fall into place also . 


Somehow when you are connected that sense of peace washes over you and you just KNOW it will all work out how you planned.


SO !!  the goal of this website is to get as many of you connected to source and let the knowing become a part of you and then you too will feel the peace and abundance that greets me every day.   I will gradually add content so you all  have resources that you can use  to set you on your path so its not all fluff and fairy tales.



Welcome to the glass half full club!




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